About Patti

Patti is a passionate equestrian and proud owner of Sycamore Knoll Farm. She describes the farm as an oasis for people and horses.

Patti has had a life long love of horses, dogs and most animals which is evident when you meet her. Her passion for helping others and helping horses is evident in her chosen career.

Patti is an Pony Club graduate from Cheshire Pony Club. Furthermore, she has extensive experience foxhunting and doing the hunter. She also has breeding experience with Trakheners, Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds.

Patti is also a Master Saddlers Association certified saddle fitter. This had helped allow her to help clients throughout the years in the state of Pennsylvania. She loves that she is able to help horses and rider achieve their goals in both comfort and style. For more information about please check out the Optimum Saddle Solutions tab.

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